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Billy Talent
  • Artist

    Billy Talent

  • Album

    Dead Silence

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    Warner Music Canada

We invite you to rediscover who we are!

Music Canada – Representing Canada’s Major Labels is a passionate advocate for music and those who create it.

Through this site we champion the music industry in Canada and support our members’ efforts to rebuild the marketplace for recorded music.

Music Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) which was founded in 1964, represents Canada’s major record labels and many of the leading independent labels and distributors in this country. We will continue to be an inspirational advocate for our members while also becoming a trusted source for information regarding the music industry and respected forum for dialogue about the opportunities and challenges facing our reinvented industry in Canada.

This website will, over time, provide a comprehensive resource on the music industry in Canada with information for those within the industry, and outside of it.  
  • Our partners in the music industry will have another means of promoting their efforts at home and abroad;
  • Our partners in retail delivery will find the insight and contacts they need in order to develop innovative music services for Canada;
  • Our partners in government, education and the media will find the resources they need to inform their decisions;
  • And our partners, the consumers, will find fascinating facts about the Canadian music industry, and valuable information guiding them towards effective and legal ways to access and use music.
We won't be able to do it alone - we'll be working with others in the music community to ensure we develop useful resources.

One of the most exciting resources is a 35+ year archive of Gold/Platinum Awards in Canada. Our Gold/Platinum Awards Program was launched in 1975 to celebrate milestone sales of music in Canada. The online archive allows all those who love music to explore the historical time line of popular records.

In addition, the Music Canada website will update the following content on a frequent basis:
  • Top 20 albums and digital tracks – every Wednesday from Nielsen SoundScan;
  • Quarterly statistics on music sales;
  • Upcoming concerts across Canada featuring our members’ artists;
  • Industry news and blogs;
  • Columns on Canadian music by renowned feature writer Larry LeBlanc;
  • Artist tour diary posts in our “Notes from the Road” feature;
  • Reflections on music by people from all walks of life; and,
  • Artist spotlights of the week.
The Music Canada website will be a portal to the many important players in the music industry in Canada – and a window to the world for Canadian music.

Come back often.

Participate in discussion.

And tell us what else you’d like to find here – starting today!

We’d love to know what you think.
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  • Amy Terrill  Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2011
    Thanks Richard for the comment - and yes, you'll notice that our website will be updated daily - we recognize this as a critical new tool in promoting music. We're also providing a platform for groups like the provincial music industry associations who represent thousands of artists across the country. And over time the site will grow of course. Thanks again for the comment!
  • Richard Flohil  Posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
    Well, the new organization will have to be a LOT more transparent and open than the previous one, the website will need to be updated frequently (if not daily)and will have to reflect not only the four major record companies (soon to be three, or even two!) but the thousands of artists who are seeking new ways to market their music. Music Canada, if it is to work as a lobbying organization, will have to reflect and represent their interests as well...



FACTS - Gold & Platinum

  • Elton John holds the highest certification for a Single, with Candle In The Wind (Mercury Records) reaching Nineteen Times Platinum status in December 1997.