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Notes from the Road - Jay Semko #2

Notes from the Road

Notes from the Road is Music Canada’s artist tour diary. Canadian artists on tour around the world will share their stories of fans, gigs and the “good, bad and the ugly” of touring!

A beautiful summer day, and a smooth trip to Lockeport through the winding highways of Nova Scotia. Lockeport is a pretty coastal town between Halifax and Yarmouth, and is the home of the Lockeport Sea Derby Festival, a fishing derby which also features concerts on Friday and Saturday night. The Northern Pikes were headliners last year, and this year the organizers have gone with more of a country music format, with a solo acoustic show on the first night, featuring me. We get there after a bit of my usual half-lost wandering, and I do a quick soundcheck with Anthony, the sound tech, asking if he can jam with me - I say "sure" and then another guy from Lockeport, Danny, comes up with his guitar and starts singing an old Pikes song ("Kiss Me You Fool") - both Anthony and Danny sound pretty good, so the executive decision is made to have them join me onstage later in the evening - it's off for a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants (great food at the White Gull!!!!), back to the dressing room for a quick shower and a few quiet moments to write down a rough set list, and then away I go to have some musical fun with the folks of Lockeport - an attentive and appreciative crowd (although some are a bit "talky" after a few drinks later in the evening - I wouldn't mind if I had a full band with me to drown them out, but alone with an acoustic guitar it can try one's patience……luckily I am able to remember to not take myself so seriously, and end up having quite a bit of fun with the louder folks in the crowd) - end up the evening with guest appearances from Anthony and Danny, and everyone goes home happy.

A trip out to a B & B in Shelburne after the show - accommodations for the night provided through the promoter - challenging to find late at night, but we do, and check in to the "Haunted Mansion" of the south shore. Still on Saskatchewan time, we don't fall asleep until well after 5 AM - not a bad place, but definitely some weird stuff happening at the inn…..a book just shows up bedside ("Nautical Disasters of the Atlantic")…..voices heard in the hall(except no one is there….)…….instant cold air out of nowhere in the room…….we survive the night, and wake up to a another gorgeous Nova Scotia day…….to be continued…..

Read Jay's first post to Music Canada's tour blog.

Jay Semko is a successful solo artist as well as the vocalist/bassist with the Northern Pikes.  His recently released solo album is available online and keeps him on the road.  Fans can find him in Saskatoon, Whitehorse or Kitchener in the coming weeks!  Find all the dates on his site.  

Music Canada Editor:  I bet Anthony and Danny had a blast - and here they are forever immortalized. 

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