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Notes from the Road - Maia Davies Entry #5

Creationism, a new definition

Creation!  A digital collage I made!
On tour, driving a winding seaside road. Staring at this wide expanse of waves and towering sharp cliffs makes me long, wistful, for a life that could be filled, in every space, with wonderment, mysticism, creativity and art. Imagination and artistic expression have since the beginning of mankind, history documents, been key to our intellectual evolution. It is something we have nurtured in education, and a human trait that is in any case manifested in all of us. Beautifying a home is a creative endeavor. So is planting a garden, painting a portrait, writing a memoir, photographing landscapes on a vacation, playing the piano. Of course, penning a symphony or directing a film might be considered more of a creative "giant step for mankind", but let us not forget that creation is everywhere, in big and small form, and needs to be valued, encouraged in ourselves,and above all, expressed!

I recently heard the poetic work of a famed French astro-physicist (Jean Audouze) who wrote a moving collection of poems about the cosmos, set to music. In one of the poems, he describes with heart-stopping imagery the colliding elements of a supernova! Now that is an unlikely and awesome place to find art.There is beauty everywhere, and beautiful minds to perceive it and transform it. Art is one of our most incredible collective inventions in this ephemeral world, a legacy that will empower future generations with knowledge and inspiration. And in the meantime, it moves us, shakes us, opens our minds and uncovers our complex world to us, piece by mystical piece. Keep art alive everyday in increments because it is important. Search it out, share it with the rest of us, get us to pay attention if you can. Write a symphony if it so pleases you. Notice creation around you too - long live art and all it's wonderful ramifications. A creative world will always be a better world, in my eyes at least.

I will be doing my part, and not only in my profession of songwriter and musician, but in my daily existence, learning, re-hashing, making something and dreaming. This manifesto here will serve as a reminder to myself, and if you feel inspired, please join me...

P.S. For a great example of a life long dedication to art and creative innovation, read "just kids" a memoir by songwriter/artist Patti Smith. She can be a great inspiration to us all.

Maia Davies is on tour with Ladies of the Canyon this month in Quebec - be sure to find them in concert if you can!  On their website you'll also find a video depicting highlights of their summer so far!

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