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Billy Talent
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The Midway State pops by Music Canada!

Thanks to The Midway State for coming to the Music Canada and AVLA office today, performing three songs from their new release, Paris or India!

In what was set up as a "lunch and learn" by the band's publicist, Anastasia Saradoc, The Midway State performed acoustic versions of their songs with two acoustic guitars, a xylophone, a small keyboard, and a cajón. The Toronto-area alt-rock band spoke about their career path and growth.

(L to R) Mike Wise, Nathan Ferraro, Daenen Bramberger and Mike Kirsh

These talented guys impressed us all with their musicality and their keen interest in the work we do for the music community.  It was a lot of fun to talk about technology, digital music services, touring and the evolution of the band.

Lead singer Nathan Ferraro discussed the band's growth from their formation in Collingwood, where they formed a high school band and Ferraro booked tours online. After graduating, the band connected with producer Gavin Brown, who had previously worked with other Canadian acts such as Billy Talent and Three Days Grace. At the time, the band was living with 4 people in a 1-bedroom apartment, a living situation that Daenan described as "kind of bleak, actually."

Now in similarly small quarters on their tour bus, The Midway State continues to develop their songwriting and technical chops, something that Nathan calls essential, saying "at 25, you see that you're not developed as an artist at age 17." He described the band as lucky to be able to continue to grow, as one of the tough aspects of today's music industry is there's less time for artist development.

From our side, Music Canada President Graham Henderson talked to the band about some of the work that our organization does; in addition to collecting statistics and charts, such as encouraging a framework where our members' artists can create and thrive. Graham highlighted the progress of the Copyright Modernization Act in the House of Commons today as a positive step in creating this framework, adding that change wouldn't happen overnight, but expressing hope that by "establishing the rules of the road," a modern copyright framework will help create an environment when people will spend money on music again.


We've now included this clip of The Midway State performing an acoustic version of Fire!, from their latest release, Paris or India.

The Midway State - Fire!

Watch for updates from The Midway State in the weeks to come as they check in from their cross-Canada tour!

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  • Beverly  Posted: Friday, October 21, 2011
    LOVE THESE GUYS!!! soo, soo, soo proud of them!!! and of course i love mike's instrument!! hehe <3



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