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Welcome to Canada, Songza!

Last week, digital music service Songza launched in Canada, the service’s first foray outside of the United States. Songza bills itself as a ‘music concierge,’ offering curated playlists for a wide variety of moods and genres. The service is semi-interactive webcaster, allowing fans to ‘thumbs-up’ and ‘thumbs-down’ songs that will influence future playlists. Songza was an instant hit on our side of the border, quickly becoming the #1 Free App in Apple’s Canadian App Store.

As reported online, this expansion was made possible due to a licensing agreements with Re:Sound, who licenses recorded music for public performance, broadcast and new media. The service licensed reproduction rights directly from the labels (services can also go to AVLA for a collective license).

"Canada is a dynamic market for music," said Re:Sound President Ian MacKay. "Re:Sound's role is to facilitate innovative new ways for Canadians to enjoy music, while also ensuring that the creators of that music are fairly compensated, and we are pleased to welcome Songza to this market."

Songza’s CEO and co-founder, Elias Roman spoke with Canada.com about the service's model, their curated playlists, mobile apps, as well as their take on Canadian market and experience licensing in Canada:
On the Canadian market, Roman said "We see tremendous opportunity in Canada for a lot of reasons, some of which you’ve already alluded to. You’re talking about a very tech-savvy population, great broadband penetration, great smartphone usage and also a relative lack of other streaming options. That, for us, is very exciting. As a lifestyle service, this element of shared culture and musical heritage that we also have, means a lot of the groundwork that we’ve already laid in the U.S. is directly transferable in Canada as well."

On licensing, Roman said "We had a tremendously positive experience working with the Re: Sound team. We worked together to make it happen."

Songza is available now for iPhone and iPad, Android, and via the web at http://songza.com/.

Music Canada Editor: Have you tried Songza yet? What do you think of their playlists? Let us know in the comments!

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