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Billy Talent
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    Billy Talent

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    Dead Silence

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    Warner Music Canada

London calling: nice plug for Toronto's music scene

The guardian has a great piece about Toronto's music scene and the Polaris Prize, written by Rebecca Nicholson who evidently made the trip to Polaris in 2011 (although it's not abundantly clear in her copy that she is talking about last year).

She hits on many of the best elements of the scene in Toronto: huge variety of live venues, local retail shops, funding available for artists, recognition events like the Walk of Fame and Polaris.   Too bad we didn't get her to tour one of our fantastic recording studios while she was here - another of our key assets.

But all the same, a fantastic plug for Toronto and the Polaris Awards which are just two weeks away! 

I love this line in particular: "... it's said to be one of the best places in the world to be a musician."

What do you think?  Is she right? 

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FACTS - Gold & Platinum

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