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Billy Talent
  • Artist

    Billy Talent

  • Album

    Dead Silence

  • Label

    Warner Music Canada

Pro-Music.org website re-launched: "All you need to know about getting music on the Internet"

The website Pro-Music.org was relaunched today, created to be a simple resource for anyone looking to learn more about legitimate digital music services around the world.

The site gives accurate and up-to-date information on the 500-plus legal music sites and services available around the globe, as well as information on staying legal online and educational resources for teachers and other professionals.

The new site lists services available in over 100 countries worldwide, and now breaks down each country's available services by type, such as download, subscription, or ad-supported services. Canada's listing is available here.

The site also features a portal with simple information on copyright law and a guide for parents and teachers on how to access music safely and legally.

Pro-Music also features industry information, with resources for teachers and industry professionals, as well as links to music licensing companies around the world and international groups associated with copyright and intellectual property.

Pro-Music.org was created by the IFPI in partnership with a global coalition of music industry partners, including major and independent record companies, performers, managers, publishers, retailers and musicians' unions.

“Pro-Music is a great illustration of the enormous range of choice that is now available to music fans – from downloads to streaming, from subscription services to music video, and all across myriad devices," said Frances Moore, IFPI CEO. "The Pro-Music site aims to be an easy-to-use first port of call for anyone wanting to find licensed music sites and learn more about digital music. When Pro-Music first launched in 2003, digital was a small part of our sector and limited to a small handful of countries – today it is the beating heart of our business across the world.”

Visit the site at http://www.pro-music.org.




FACTS - Gold & Platinum

  • Elton John holds the highest certification for a Single, with Candle In The Wind (Mercury Records) reaching Nineteen Times Platinum status in December 1997.