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A Music City is a community of any size with a vibrant music economy. A music economy has the potential to generate a wide array of benefits for their communities, from economic growth, job creation, and increased spending to greater tax revenues and cultural development.

A Music City Strategy is key to a thriving music economy, which offers a range of benefits to communities of any size – including economic growth, job creation, tax revenue and cultural development.

Music Canada’s world-renowned and globe-spanning research has identified several key strategies that cities both large and small can use to grow and strengthen their music economy. Download our research at the links below to learn effective strategies to help your city that hone in on the social and economic value of music.


The Mastering of a Music City

The Mastering of a Music City, Key Elements, Effective Strategies and Why it’s Worth Pursuing represents a roadmap that communities of all sizes can follow to realize the full potential of their music economy. Truly global in scale, the report is the result of more than forty interviews with music community experts, government officials, and community leaders in more than twenty cities on every continent.

The report finds that successful Music Cities with vibrant music economics generate a wide array of benefits for cities, from economic growth, job creation, and increased spending to greater tax revenues and cultural development.

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Music Cities Toolkit

The Music Cities Toolkit has been designed to provide Canadian chambers of commerce with a roadmap and guide to activate the power of music in their city. As the voice of business in their communities, chambers have the opportunity to carve out a leadership role in leveraging music as a driver of employment and economic growth, beyond its long-acknowledged cultural and social benefits.

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Music Canada actively monitors the growth and implementation of Music Cities concepts and strategies around the world. For our latest news on Music Cities, click here. If you are working in the Music Cities space, and would like to connect with us to share your experiences, please contact us at

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Please note that the Music Canada team is working remotely to reduce potential impacts of COVID-19 and to do our part to limit the spread of coronavirus. During this time, our passionate advocacy for music and those who create it continues.

We are closely monitoring COVID-19’s impact on the music community, and we extend our sympathy to those affected – particularly the artist community. We are working to understand & capture artists’ experience & convey their stories to all levels of government.

We have created a COVID-19 resource page to help artists and industry members understand where to find support. We are working to keep it updated as we learn more information.

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