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Music Canada Launches Virtual “2020 Year in Review”

March 18th, 2021, Toronto: Music Canada, with the support of its Members – Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada and Warner Music Canada – is pleased to announce the release of the 2020 Year in Review, offering a virtual, expansive view of the organization’s work this year. 

The cancellation of JUNO Week 2020, traditionally a week that provides opportunities for artists and the music community to connect, perform, and be honoured for their achievements, instead marked the initial days the Canadian music community was called on to adjust to the pandemic. Music Canada’s Board immediately tasked our organization with helping the most vulnerable across the music community – with the results of this work summarized in this Year in Review.

While the impact of the pandemic has been felt across industries, the music community has faced numerous, and unique challenges. The impact to live music, and the repercussions for artists, creators, and employees at every level has been felt around the world. 

“Right now, and as ever, it is essential for Music Canada to provide support where it is most needed,” said Jennifer M. Sloan, Board Chair, Music Canada. “Indeed, at any given time, we must focus on those in our industry whose situations are most precarious; we must focus on artists and crews that, at least for now, are the ones hardest hit. I am proud of our vision, initiatives and our direction, as Music Canada evolves and develops, we will embrace the eternal importance that music is to us all – most importantly, to those who “make it”.”

Music Canada has weathered the turbulence of the year by staying true to our purpose: to advocate for music and its creators and the value they bring into our daily lives. Our Theory of Change, a principle that outlines actions and pathways to drive change, has further supported our agility. The carefully selected pathways include: working with industry stakeholders domestically and abroad to create unity; advocating at all levels of government for music and the interests of creators; as well as measuring and promoting the economic and cultural power of music. 

To better inform our advocacy initiatives with all levels of government, Music Canada released an Artist Impact Survey, a public opinion survey, a second round of research, and public research findings in early 2021 designed to gain an integrated understanding of how the community was being impacted, from artists and creators, to the changing consumer attitudes around live events. The advocacy accomplishments the Music Canada team has been a part of are available here.

“Our research has made clear that people’s desire for live music is not disappearing,” said Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada. “Canadians view live music venues as economic and cultural lifelines within their communities, they understand that the pandemic will have severe impacts on the long-term viability of the live music sector which affects Canadian culture in the long run. Music Canada will continue to work with our partners to advocate for the power of music, and to ensure all levels of the music community are protected and ready for the public’s return.”

As a further step on our Theory of Change pathways, Music Canada has continued to partner with important industry stakeholders that are driving positive, and necessary action.

“As we look to the issues facing the global music community in the past year, Music Canada and our members remain committed to sustained action that supports the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion,” said Jackie Dean, COO of Music Canada, and President of CONNECT Music Licensing. “Music brings enormous value to the economic and social fabric of a community, and Music Canada and CONNECT will work with our partners to bring the music sector into recovery.”

Music Canada’s Year in Review also offers a unique, virtual introduction to our Advisory Council members, in their own words. 

An overview of the accomplishments of Music Canada’s Gold/Platinum program, and a gallery of photos is also readily available here.



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