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Enablers and Barriers to Success in Canada’s Music Industry

A new report produced by Toronto Metropolitan University’s Diversity Institute for Music Canada summarizes findings of a national survey of professionals working in the Canadian music industry on the challenges and barriers facing individuals from equity-seeking groups. The study identifies gaps and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion within Canadian music organizations and delivers recommendations to industry for action.

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Supporting Artist Entrepreneurs in the Evolving Music Economy

This Music Canada research report summarizes the findings of a national research study conducted in partnership with CONNECT Music Licensing with over 300 artists entrepreneurs. The report identifies artists’ key business needs within an evolving music economy, outlines industry-wide strategies to promote artists’ business success, and makes recommendations that can be applied by government and artist-serving organizations to better support artists in sustaining their livelihoods through music.

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Closing the Value Gap: How to Fix Safe Harbours & Save the Creative Middle Class

In a new report, Music Canada is calling for the Government of Canada to rebalance the music marketplace and restore fairness to the creators of music.
Closing the Value Gap definitively sets out the economic evidence surrounding the size and growth of the Value Gap and provides clear, achievable recommendations to fix it. The report draws focus to the main cause of the Value Gap in Canada: broad safe harbour laws in the Copyright Act. This report lays out the steps to fix our broken copyright framework and restore fairness to the marketplace for creators.

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The Value Gap: Its Origins, Impacts and a Made-in-Canada Approach

This report explores an issue of critical importance to the current and future health of Canadian culture, our nation’s cultural industries, and the creators of our cultural works. It’s an issue rooted in a fundamental wrong – the failure to provide fair compensation to creators for the use of their works – that has a significant, direct impact on the livelihoods of Canadian artists who tell our stories in words, images and music. The issue is known as the “Value Gap.”

This report describes the Value Gap and its causes, and will demonstrate how it impacts artists, businesses and our nation’s cultural foundations, with a particular focus on music.

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Striking A New A-Chord: Recommendations for the Growth & Development of Canada’s East Coast Music Industry

Striking A New A-Chord demonstrates that there are key opportunities for Atlantic Canada and the provinces to further develop the music industry, nurture our cultural resources, enhance music tourism opportunities, and promote investment in music. The report is intended as a catalyst for the five regions to come together and fully realize the potential of the East Coast music sector.

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Music Cities Toolkit

The Music Cities Toolkit has been designed to provide Canadian chambers of commerce with a roadmap and guide to activate the power of music in their city. As the voice of business in their communities, chambers have the opportunity to carve out a leadership role in leveraging music as a driver of employment and economic growth, beyond its long-acknowledged cultural and social benefits.

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BC’s Music Sector – From Adversity to Opportunity

BC’s Music Sector: From Adversity to Opportunity encourages decisive action on the part of the provincial government, municipalities, and music stakeholders to put BC’s music sector firmly back on the map and secure the benefits it can generate. The province’s music heritage is a source of pride among BC residents and receives admiration far beyond its borders. Though they are under threat, the province possesses all the key elements of a successful music sector.

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Live Music Measures Up: An Economic Impact Analysis of Live Music in Ontario

The first of its kind in the province, this study provides critical data and information about the province’s live music sector that both the music community and government policy-makers can use to make informed strategic decisions.

Prior to this study, there existed no recent or comprehensive data set on Ontario’s live music industry. That is why Music Canada engaged Nordicity to prepare this economic profile and create reliable benchmarks for the sector. After meeting with a cross-section of live music industry representatives, including artist managers promoters, agents, music venues, and festivals, Nordicity prepared an online survey which captured information from 372 companies within the sector.

The resulting economic profile is organized into four key areas: revenue, audience, economic impact, and future outlook.

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The Mastering of a Music City

The Mastering of a Music City, Key Elements, Effective Strategies and Why it’s Worth Pursuing represents a roadmap that communities of all sizes can follow to realize the full potential of their music economy. Truly global in scale, the report is the result of more than forty interviews with music community experts, government officials, and community leaders in more than twenty cities on every continent.

The report finds that successful Music Cities with vibrant music economics generate a wide array of benefits for cities, from economic growth, job creation, and increased spending to greater tax revenues and cultural development.

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The Next Big Bang: A New Direction for Music in Canada

In this report, Music Canada identifies programs and policies designed to stimulate the development of Canada’s commercial music sector – and to drive growth and job creation in the economy at large.
Music Education, Digital Innovation, Music Tourism, Export Expansion and Interconnected Tax Credits are identified as critical areas for development.

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Accelerating Toronto’s Music Industry Growth – Leveraging Best Practices from Austin, Texas

Toronto is one of the greatest music cities in the world and yet it could be doing much more to maximize the economic benefits of the music cluster. That is the finding of a report commissioned by Music Canada and released at NXNE. Learn more about what Toronto can learn from Austin Texas, and in fact, what the city can learn from their support of the film industry! There are strategies here for the municipal and provincial governments as well as the industry.

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Fertile Ground: Alberta Music Cities Initiative

National Music Centre (NMC) has released Fertile Ground: Alberta Music Cities Initiative, a new report on Alberta’s music sector that outlines the economic benefits of a strong provincial music industry. The report identifies the unique opportunity for the development of Alberta’s music sector and provides four key recommendations for further growth.

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Music – A Catalyst For Technology Hubs And Innovative Talent

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) has released Music – A Catalyst for Technology Hubs and Innovative Talent, a new report supported by Music Canada.

The report explores the role of music education as a benefit to ICT workers, and the presence of music scenes as a component of attracting and retaining those workers.

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Economic Impact Analysis of the Sound Recording Industry in Canada

The Canadian Recording Industry makes a significant contribution to Canada’s economy with a vast majority of the activity taking place in Ontario, according to a new report by PwC for Music Canada.

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IFPI Global Market Reports

The IFPI’s Recording Industry in Numbers is the essential statistical analysis of the recorded music market worldwide. The report provides a comprehensive picture of the key trends in the global music business, with in-depth statistics and analysis covering 50 territories worldwide.

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The True Price of Peer to Peer File Sharing

This Canadian Intellectual Property Council report examines data gathered by Industry Canada in support of decisions surrounding copyright reform. The March 2011 analysis concludes that reforms that deter peer to peer (P2P) downloading will lead to increased music sales and artist revenues and the preservation of jobs in the creative industries.

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