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Service Providers’ Guide To Digital Music In Canada

Music Canada has developed a guide for businesses seeking to start a digital music service in Canada containing information on market opportunities, Canadian consumer preferences, music licensing, and more.

Canada’s music market is in transition. Every year, more Canadians buy and enjoy music online and on mobile devices.

Canada’s major and leading independent record labels are proactively helping digital music service providers succeed through initiatives such as this guide.

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Did you know?

  • Canada is the 7th largest market for recorded music in the world.
  • Canada has been ranked 2nd in the world in internet use (volume of data per capita).
  • 83% of households have internet access.
  • There are 17.4 million smartphone users in Canada.
  • There are relatively few legal digital music services operating in Canada when compared with other countries.

This is a greenfield opportunity!

Canadian Market Snapshot


Country Stats
  • Population (Jan. 1, 2013): 35.2 million
  • GDP (2014): $1.9 trillion
  • World Rank of Economy (2010): 11th
  • GDP per Capita (2008): US$51,206
  • Median Age: 41
  • Official Languages: English/French
Canada’s Music Market
  • World Rank (2013) Overall: 7th
  • Physical: 6th
  • Digital: 7th
  • Recorded Music Retail Sales (2013): US$436.9 million
  • Digital Music Retail Sales (2013): US$210 million
  • Digital Share of Retail Sales: 48%
  • Digital Sales Growth 2013: 10%
  • Digital Sales Growth 2012: 22%
Canada’s Digital Landscape
  • Internet access (% of households with access to the Web): 83%
  • Households with broadband: 10.9 million
  • Mobile subscriptions (as of Q1 2014): 27.5 million
  • Smartphone users: 17.4 million
  • World rank in internet use (volume of data per capita): 2
  • Facebook – number of users / world rank per capita: 19.9 million / 1
  • Proportion of online Canadians who visit social networks weekly/daily: 45% / 30%