Monday, September 20, 2021, is election day in Canada, and the opportunity for Canadians to help shape our democracy. To learn more about how to cast your vote, riding boundaries, where to vote, and a list of candidates, visit the Elections Canada website. 

We know that Canadians value music. Music uplifted us during the pandemic and will be the soundtrack to recovery. When newly elected Parliamentarians return to Ottawa, we hope to see implementation of these three recommendations — which support not only those working in the live sector who continue to be impacted by the pandemic, but the broader Canadian music economy. 

Recommendation 1: Continued financial support for those who are prevented from working due to restrictions
Canadians believe that the live music sector, and those working in it, will need continued support from governments to help recover from the pandemic; 

Recommendation 2:      Ensure a functioning marketplace for the works of creators
Two simple amendments to the Copyright Act that are ready to be implemented – and have support across parties — would immediately improve the lives of artists and create a functioning marketplace for the businesses who invest in them. Eliminating the $1.25M Radio Royalty Exemption and the TV / Film Soundtrack exemption in the Copyright Act would help ensure that artists are paid when their music is played (more information can be found here).

Recommendation 3: Support for Unison Benevolent Fund
Unison Benevolent Fund is a non-profit, registered charity, serving as a critical life line in Canada’s music community. They provide emergency financial relief and mental health counselling, 24/7 in English and French, to artists, crews, technicians and other individuals working in the music sector who are facing immediate crises. Very often these are individuals who are not supported in traditional funding structures and are therefore more vulnerable.