Are you a seasoned regulatory affairs leader seeking a stimulating new challenge in a greenfield space?  The Canadian music industry is in an exciting place, experiencing unprecedented growth and evolution, specifically in the digital space. Concurrently, Canada’s regulatory system is in the process of being strengthened by the creation of new policies covering once unregulated digital spaces. Combined, this has created a unique opportunity to bring the best of Canada’s terrestrial regulatory system to the digital landscape where artists and fans are meeting.

The anticipated passage creates an important opportunity for Canada’s music industry to grow to new heights. As a result of these new policies, and the anticipated passage of Bill C-11 (Online Streaming Act), Music Canada has created a new position in the Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.  This position will work with the CRTC to create a regulatory system where the creation, distribution, and consumption of music today is understood and appreciated by decision makers. The role will be responsible for effectively managing and executing the complex regulatory plan following the implementation of the new legislation on behalf of the major Canadian record labels. The VP, Regulatory Affairs will lead communications with the CRTC, ensuring the interests of the major labels in Canada are represented and outcomes are clearly understood.  This role will partner with all music stakeholders regarding policy implications and be a long-term advocate and representative of the major labels, and the music ecosystem as this topic continues to evolve.

If you have a background of experience in senior policy work in a regulated industry sector and are a highly motivated, creative and strategic thinker who is passionate about using your exceptional advocacy and government relations skills to influence policy, we’d love to hear from you!

* Music Canada is an equal opportunity employer which values the diversity of its team members. We are committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and diverse organization and we encourage all interested applicants to apply.

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