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8 Days of Tariff 8: Happy Birthday, Tariff 8

Happy Birthday, Tariff 8

It’s been one year since the Copyright Board of Canada set one of the worst royalty rates in the world for music streaming on services like Songza and CBC Music. It’s called Tariff 8. And it means that musicians around the world will be paid 90% less when their music is streamed by Canadian consumers. To mark the occasion, we are launching the “8 Days of Tariff 8” campaign that will highlight the importance of the issue and what has happened in the year since the decision.


Through this campaign, we hope to highlight the decision from last year, but importantly, to talk about the kind of precedent it has set going forward for royalty rates on these kinds of services in Canada. Most important, is that we are calling on music lovers and industry folks across the country to stand with us as we call for reform of the Copyright Board.

If you’re new to the world of royalties and streaming, check out some of our campaign materials from last year to get up-to-speed on what Tariff 8 means to Canadian musicians, international artists, and you, the consumer

For the next 8 days, follow us on social media, and let everyone know that you stand with us by using the #IStandForMusic hashtag.

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