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8 Days of Tariff 8: Making Cents of Tariff 8

When you break Tariff 8 down into real numbers, it’s terrible for musicians. On the occasion of #ThrowBackThursday, we look back at our attempt to make cents of Tariff 8. Last year, we used the Barenaked Ladies classic “If I Had a Million Dollars” to show just how many streams they would need to buy the items in the song at the rate determined by Tariff 8. As you can see, it’s pretty abysmal.


Here’s how many plays an artist would need to buy some of the other items mentioned in the song:

“If I had a million dollars… ” / 1 million dollars = 9.8 billion plays

I’d buy you a house…” / Average price of a single home in Canada: $413,215 = More than 4 billion plays

I’d buy you furniture for your house, (Maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman)” / Nice sofa = 16 million plays, matching ottoman = almost 5 million plays

I’d buy you a fur coat (but not a real fur coat that’s cruel)” / Faux Fur Coat = 17 million plays

“I’d buy you an exotic pet (Like a llama or an emu)” / Llama = almost 3 million plays

“We wouldn’t have to eat Kraft Dinner. (But we would eat Kraft Dinner. Of course we would, we’d just eat more.)” / Kraft Dinner = 9216 plays for a box of KD

“I’d buy you a green dress (but not a real green dress, that’s cruel)” / A real green dress (that’s cruel!) = almost 16 million plays

I’d buy you some art (a Picasso or a Garfunkel)” / Picasso recently sold at Sotheby’s for $6.5 million CAD = almost 64 billion plays

 “I’d buy you a monkey (haven’t you always wanted a monkey?)” / (It is illegal to own a monkey in Toronto.)

 “I’d be rich.” / With royalties from the Tariff 8 decision, you would not be rich.

How does Tariff 8 affect you? Use our Tariff 8 Royalty Calculator to learn how much the Copyright Board of Canada thinks you deserve to be paid for your music.


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