Earlier this week, East Coast Music Association Executive Director Andy McLean and artist and producer Daniel Ledwell spoke with Global Morning News Halifax about the Copyright Board of Canada’s Tariff 8 decision. The rates set by the Copyright Board are approximately 10% of the rates negotiated by Re:Sound in its direct agreements with digital services, and less than 10% of the comparable U.S. rates.

“We’re trying to get the Copyright Board to re-evaluate the decision that they made in the light of the fact that people are standing here saying, ‘this is ridiculous,'” said McLean. “It sends a really wrong message, it’s the worst possible rate in the world. There’s no other country that devalues it’s musicians like Canada does. And we have the greatest musicians in the world here.”

The full segment is now available on the Global News website, and is embedded below.

A growing coalition of artists, labels, industry associations, and music fans are speaking out against the Copyright Board decision; to learn more and to add your voice, Like and Share the I Stand For Music Facebook Page, or tweet using the hashtag #IStand4Music.

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