John Derringer of Q107 Toronto discussed the Copyright Board of Canada’s Tariff 8 decision on his radio show this morning, riffing on our recent blog comparing the new royalty rates for webcasting services in Canada to items mentioned in the Barenaked Ladies‘ classic song “If I Had $1000000.” The new rates are so low, it would take 9216 plays of a song to earn enough royalties to purchase a box of Kraft Dinner.

To earn $1,000,000 from streaming royalties under Tariff 8, an artist would need to have their song played 9.8 Billion times. Derringer puts that in perspective by noting that the most-streamed song in history, Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’, has been streamed 235 Million times worldwide.

The full segment is available on Soundcloud, and is embedded below:

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