As the pandemic continues across the country, Canadians have remained hesitant to return to public gatherings, in regions of the country where they have been possible.  In this recent episode of the Canadian Musician podcast Patrick Rogers, interim co-CEO of Music Canada offers a deep dive on how the music industry has been impacted, ranging from what we have learned about the artists experience to the particular threat posed to live music.

Rogers offers a unique insider’s perspective on the negotiation process that Music Canada has engaged in with government partners and industry stakeholders, to secure short term and broad support for the music community. He further assesses results of several public opinion surveys of music fans and professional musicians conducted with Abacus Data at several stages of the pandemic. Featuring the work of the Music Canada team to leverage strategic initiatives, research, and advocacy, Rogers and host Michael Raine further discuss how we can work together to advance the industry’s interests and work toward recovery.

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