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Premier Clark announces new $15M BC Music Fund

Today we thank Premier Clark and the Government of British Columbia on their announcement to dedicate a $15 million grant to support the creation of a BC Music Fund as part of a comprehensive strategy to protect and promote the province’s music industry.

“This is an historic day for the province,” says Graham Henderson, President & CEO of Music Canada. “The creation of a BC Music Fund as part of a fulsome strategy to strengthen the province’s music industry, will enhance BC’s competitiveness as a location for the production and presentation of music. The BC Music Fund will help music businesses produce, distribute, promote, and stage the province’s emerging and well-known artists. It will allow the province to retain its deep inventory of talented music professionals, and create new opportunities for jobs and investment, contributing to a more diversified economy.”

Premier Christy Clark announced the $15 million grant as part of the launch of Music Canada’s report, BC’s Music Sector: From Adversity to Opportunity, at Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios. The event also included remarks by Michael Bublé, Jon Garson, President & CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce and Scott Johnson, Chair of Music BC.

“B.C. is one of Canada’s leading centres for music with talented musicians in every corner of the province,” says Premier Clark. “Our record labels, recording studios, concert venues and music festivals draw people from all over the province, the country and the world. Music develops culture, promotes talent and diversifies our strong and growing economy.”

BC’s Music Sector: From Adversity to Opportunity was prepared by Music Canada after interviews and consultations with more than 100 individuals in BC’s music sector, the broader business community, municipal and provincial governments, provincial agencies, and community leaders.

The report highlights British Columbia’s wealth of music talent and the factors that have put these assets at risk. The report encourages decisive action on the part of the provincial government, municipalities, and music stakeholders to put BC’s music sector firmly back on the map and secure the benefits it can generate.

“The landscape and culture in BC has always been a huge catalyst in my creative process,” says Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother who performed at the event. “It’s where we came together as a band, and where we’ve cultivated our creative community. There is an incredible wealth of talent here, and until now, the resources and infrastructure haven’t been able to properly support and elevate the art that is constantly being created. It’s incredibly heartening to see the powers that be sit up and take notice of the cultural and economic benefit the BC music industry provides for our province. Dedicating more resources to this sector will have a lasting positive impact on our cultural landscape.”

BC’s Music Sector: From Adversity to Opportunity is available at

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