Music Canada is excited to reveal our new ‘Gold In Canada’ playlist, available now through Spotify and Google Play Music. The playlist features fifty of the latest tracks of all genres and eras certified as a Gold Single in Canada, and will be updated every Thursday to keep the rotation fresh with the latest certifications.

Music Canada’s current Gold/Platinum Single Award, which includes on-demand streams towards certifications for the first time in the program’s history, was introduced September 12, 2016. Since the update, Music Canada has seen over a 60% increase in Gold track certifications from the previous year, with many domestic and international artists receiving the first Canadian Gold certifications of their careers.

Spotify users can follow the playlist by visit the embedded player below, and Google Play Music users can click here to subscribe to the playlist. Music fans are encouraged to follow and share the playlist when they see their favourite artists added to the rotation using the hashtag #GoldInCanada.

Licensed music services interested in featuring the Gold In Canada playlist on their platform can contact