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Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins calls out sexism in the music industry at Canadian Music Hall of Fame Ceremony

At the inaugural Canadian Music Hall of Fame Ceremony Presented by Music Canada, which took place at the National Music Centre on October 27th, legendary alternative country group Cowboy Junkies were one of four inductees into the Hall of Fame. 

In her acceptance speech, Cowboy Junkies’  lead vocalist Margo Timmins used the band’s moment of celebration to put a spotlight on the issue of sexism in the music industry, and issue a call for change. 

“I know we would all like to think that a boys’ club does not exist in our industry, but just look around you,” said Timmins. “Even tonight, there are 10 inductees, and one woman. And with my count, after tonight, there will be around 100 men and 10 women in the Hall of Fame. That’s not right.”

Timmins took the opportunity to encourage those in attendance, many of whom are leaders in the Canadian music industry, to take action to correct this long-standing imbalance

“I know that there are many men and women in our industry who struggle every day to create change, and to you I give you my respect and my support,” continued Timmins. “But there are also many women and men who think that with time, things will become equal and all will be well eventually. And perhaps they’re right. But what I say to that is, if you are thinking in this way, you have to remember, as we wait, the next generation of talented and creative women will be asked or allowed to join our industry by going through the side door — the way that women have entered the world of men for centuries, and it’s just wrong. So all I ask is that you people who are here, who are so powerful, you lead our industry, to think about it. And that somehow we have to bring in more women. Allow our daughters to know that if they want to be riggers, sound engineers, lighting techs, they can do it and they can join us on the road.”

Watch Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins powerful acceptance speech at the Canadian Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.


The Rambler by Graham Henderson: Mourning the passing of Brent Grulke

Graham_headphones3Blog ThumbnailThe Rambler is a column by Graham Henderson, President of Music Canada. Graham writes from time to time about developments in the music industry, new trends or just about music! Let’s face it, Graham has been around for a long time and has a lot to ramble on about.

The music community mourns the passing of one of its best: Brent Grulke.

I was not a close friend by any means, but I certainly knew him and was profoundly aware of the pivotal role he played in developing the SXSW music festival into a premiere event on the world stage. He made a difference in the careers of hundreds of artists.

Brent was also a huge fan of my wife Margo’s music. We had a chance to have dinner two years ago at Midem. With us were dear friends Katrina and Alasdair McMullan and Susan Abramovitch. It was Brent’s 50th. And as a present to him, Katrina had promised him he would sit beside Margo and so they did.

Brent Grulke

The two of them talked their way thru dinner and late on into the evening. It was magical.

How could any of us have known that this terrible, terrible tragedy stalked Brent. Brent leaves behind his wife and a seven year old son. And the thought of that simply breaks my heart.

As the Romans would have said, Ave Atque Vale, Brent Grulke, Hail and Farewell. The world has lost something this week that it cannot easily replace.

Graham Henderson is the President of Music Canada. He also writes on an eclectic range of topics on his personal blog at


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