In a new video, Music Canada President & CEO Graham Henderson speaks about the economic impact of Toronto Pearson, Canada’s largest and busiest airport.

In conjunction with the Economic Impact Study, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority wanted to hear firsthand from those who rely on the airport to keep their business running. In the video, Henderson highlights the impact of Toronto Pearson in supporting Toronto’s music scene and connecting Canadian and international recording artists with global audiences.

“They need access to the world. We no longer live in a world where your market is your home. In order to be a successful recording artist in today’s world, it has to be a global marketplace. Without access to that global marketplace, it’s going to be very, very difficult. Making it easier is essential,” said Henderson. “We have domestic musicians who come from literally every culture in the world. And musicians from literally every culture in the world come here to perform. I don’t think that type of a music scene would have developed and flourished if it was not for an access point like Toronto Pearson.”

The importance of easy access by air travel was highlighted in The Mastering of a Music City, a new report released by Music Canada and IFPI that presents a roadmap that communities of all sizes can follow to realize the full potential of their music economy. The report found easy access via air travel is important in establishing a Music City as a destination for both touring artists and music tourists, and recommends communities consider the importance of international travel when planning for airports and routes.