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Music Canada and CONNECT Music Licensing Announce Executive Team Appointments

April 22, 2021, Toronto: CONNECT Music Licensing today announced the appointment of Catherine Jones as the new Vice President of CONNECT Music Licensing. Music Canada also announces Sarah Kilpatrick to the position of Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and Miranda Mulholland to the role of Creative Culture Advisor.

“It is an honour to announce Catherine Jones’ appointment to Vice President of CONNECT Music Licensing,” said Jackie Dean, President of CONNECT Music Licensing & COO of Music Canada. “Catherine has more than 25 years of experience that encompasses a wealth of knowledge in all areas of music rights and licensing. She has been instrumental to CONNECT Music Licensing’s success in her time with the organization,” continued Dean. “Each of these women bring exceptional knowledge and experience to our teams, strengthening our ability to drive research, advocacy and community leadership initiatives.” 

Jones joined the CONNECT Music Licensing team in 2017 and is a highly experienced and respected music rights specialist. Prior to joining the organization, she was the Director of Music Services at Bell Media, and the Director of Licensing & Synchronization at Universal Music Canada. She is also a part time Professor at Humber College in the Music Business Program.

“Music Canada’s team is made up of hardworking people dedicated to supporting the music industry and these appointments formalize our ongoing work,” said Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada. “Sarah Kilpatrick is Music Canada’s direct connection to policy makers in Ottawa. She joined our team with broad and impressive experience in intellectual property law, and her leadership and expertise has played a pivotal role in Music Canada’s success in her years with our organization.”

Kilpatrick joined Music Canada in September 2018 as the Director of Legal Affairs and Public Policy, and in her new role, will lead Music Canada’ public policy and communications teams.

“I am also pleased to announce Miranda Mulholland’s new title as Creative Culture Advisor,” continued Rogers. “It is the voices of artists, and their experiences that shape our message to government, and industry partners, and they will know what support is necessary for the music community’s recovery. Miranda is a champion for artists at every opportunity, and her contributions help shape Music Canada’s direction.”

Mulholland is a celebrated, JUNO nominated artist, record label owner and music festival founder. She has served as Chair of Music Canada’s Advisory Council since 2018, and has worked closely with the organization since that time, she is also the Vice Chair of Massey Hall, and Roy Thomson Hall. This appointment formalizes her contributions to Music Canada.

The appointments support Music Canada’s purpose: to advocate for music and its creators and the value they bring into our daily lives, with the support of our Members, Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada, and Warner Music Canada.


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About CONNECT Music Licensing
CONNECT Music Licensing administers licences in Canada for the reproduction of sound recordings, and the reproduction and broadcast of music videos on behalf of the copyright owners (usually the record companies).  A licence from CONNECT Music Licensing ensures that owners receive compensation for the use of their sound recordings and/or music videos.
In Canada, our members consist of all the major record companies, many of the independent labels, as well as artists and producers. 

About Music Canada
Music Canada represents Canada’s major record labels:  Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada and Warner Music Canada. We advocate for a healthy and vibrant Canadian music ecosystem, which includes labels, performing artists, publishers, songwriters, managers and others.


Music Canada and CONNECT Music Licensing release new research report, Supporting Artist Entrepreneurs in the Evolving Music Economy

To help enable sustainable careers for artist entrepreneurs, Music Canada and CONNECT Music Licensing have released a new research report, titled Supporting Artist Entrepreneurs in the Evolving Music Economy.

The report summarizes the findings of a national research study of more than 300 artist entrepreneurs, conducted by Music Canada and CONNECT. The study shows that a lack of business and entrepreneurial training, as well as gaps in understanding of music sector structures, are key barriers to success for artists. 

“Too often overlooked in economic development conversations, artists are a remarkable segment of Canadian entrepreneurs who contribute to both the economic and cultural fabric of our society, and help create jobs for themselves and others in the Canadian music economy,” says Sarah Hashem, Music Canada’s Vice President, Strategic Initiatives. “According to the COVID-19 Artist Impact Survey we conducted with CONNECT earlier this year, each artist creates an average of 3.7 jobs. However, a gap exists in entrepreneurial support and training available to artists.”

The report identifies artists’ key business needs within an evolving music economy, outlines industry-wide strategies to promote artists’ business success, and makes recommendations that can be applied by government and artist-serving organizations to better support artists in sustaining their livelihoods through music. 

“Artist entrepreneurs represent more than 90% of CONNECT’s members, and the great majority of the creative middle class,” says Catherine Jones, Executive Director of CONNECT Music Licensing. “Like entrepreneurs in other fields, artists are creative, they are risk-takers, and they are job-creators. By supporting them with training and resources, we can help empower more artists to achieve their goals and earn a sustainable career.”

Music Canada and CONNECT have begun addressing some of the gaps with initiatives such as the Industry Insider Video Series. We hope the report can inspire artists serving organizations and government agencies to incorporate entrepreneurship and business  resources in their artist support offerings.

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Press pause: COVID-19 strategies for artists – On-Demand Webinar

The music industry is confronting particularly harsh and long-term challenges in the wake of the global pandemic. Cancelled and postponed concerts and tours have led to a dramatic drop in revenue. That being said, the demand for streamed music and performances could not be stronger, with people looking for comfort and content as they isolate at home.

To provide insight into the many legal issues that surround this widespread industry upheaval, Gowling WLG’s Entertainment and Sports Law Group – in partnership with CONNECT Music Licensing and Music Canada – recently presented a live Q&A webinar.  Featuring Susan Abramovitch, head of Gowling WLG’s Entertainment and Sports Law Group, Catherine Jones, executive director of CONNECT Music Licensing, and moderated by Miranda Mulholland, JUNO-nominated artist and advocate, the panel discussed timely and important topics for artists, including:

  • Protecting copyright in your works
  • Music licensing
  • Royalty collection

Video from the webinar is now available, and is embedded below.